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What's included?

Each To-Go kit consists of your choice of brushes and tools, your choice of glazes, your choice of pottery and a Dancing Brush bag with handles.

How do I place my order?

After clicking the menu at the top of this page, select your pottery pieces, glazes and tools. Add them to your cart. You can use your own brushes from home or select from our specialty brushes and other tools. Check out and make payment from the shopping cart. We'll gather your order together. You'll come to Dancing Brush and pick it up after 4pm the next day. When you're done painting, drop your kit back off at Dancing Brush during open hours. We will fire your pottery in our kiln and have it ready for you to pick up a week later.


Painting Tips:

Be sure to use our glazes that are made of a special glass material able to withstand the 1800 degree kiln temperatures.

Do not use acrylic paints or sharpies.

Lightly sketch your design on your piece with a pencil. Pencil markings burn off in the kiln.

Wash your hands before handling your piece. Skin oils cause the glaze not to set.

Mark the back of your piece, using glaze (not just pencil), with your name.

What does it cost?

The cost is the total of all the pottery, glaze and tools you select. At any time during your selection process, you can click the shopping cart icon to see your running total.

If your total kit is more than $100, get $10 off by entering the word TEN in the discount field at checkout.